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Dysfunctional Mood Deregulation Disorder vs Bipolar Disorder

DMDD is a disorder new to the DSM-V which is described as severe and recurrent temper outbursts that go beyond what is necessary for the situation in intensity and duration.  The outbursts must occur three or more times a week and occur in the home as well as other settings such as school and in public.  The symptoms must be recurrent for a year without remission for more than two months (Copeland, Angold, Costello, & Egger, 2013).  The article I found compares studies of other mental health disorders, but found a consistent co-occurrence between DMDD and other disorders, as it tends to co-occur with all common psychiatric disorders such as ODD and Depressive disorders, as well as other behavior and emotional disorders (Copeland, et al., 2013).  The difference between BPD and DMDD seems to be that DMDD  onset tends to be in early childhood, between ages 4-10 and the diagnosis can not be utilized in a person over 18 (Copeland, et al., 2013), implying it is strictly a childhood disorder.  However, BPD is not generally diagnosed before the age of 18.  This makes me wonder, is DMDD a precursor for BPD?  And does that mean that even though the individual was diagnosed with DMDD, once they are 18, are they reassessed and rediagnosed with a different disorder or does the co-existing disorder take the primary diagnosis?

Copeland, W. E., Angold, A., Costello, E. J., & Egger, H. (2013). Prevalence, Comorbidity and Correlates of DSM-5 Proposed Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder. The American Journal of Psychiatry170(2), 173–179.



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