social psychology

Who are we?

The relationship between what we are and what we do:

What we are should be defined through our actions.   We are our beliefs, feelings, emotions, thoughts and morals.  These beliefs that make us what we are should be proven through our actions.  Our actions should, therefore define us.  Our actions should portray our private beliefs and feelings.  However, this is not always the case.  Sometimes people tend to act adversely to their beliefs, morals, and other emotions because they may become unaligned with their true self which causes confusion about what they are.  Humans all have core needs, the most basic being survival.  When one becomes unaligned, they may lose sight  of their core needs and act on impulse.  Acting on impulse may result in a negative action which causes another person to perceive us as “wrong”.  When we are aligned with our true self, we know what our needs are and act accordingly to fulfill those needs. 
Outsiders perceive us based on our actions.  People have a tendency to behave in a manner that is socially acceptable which may or may not be acceptable to our true self.  Behaving outside the social norm may create a negative perception from our peers therefore we may unalign ourselves and behave in a manner that is unacceptable to our true self.  When we act on impulse, we are acting based on feelings thoughts and emotions which serve as a reason for denial or wrong doing (doing wrong for good).  We may also feel we are behaving in an acceptable manner because the majority at the time was doing the same (bargaining for acceptance of a negative action).  Then there are those who truly feel no remorse because their true self feels as if they are not doing wrong. 
There should be a direct relationship between what we are and what we do, but as we face moral dilemmas and social acceptance issues, that relationship may disconnect and cause a clouded perception of who we truly are from our peers.  If we stay aligned with our true self and do not quiver or hesitate to do what we truly feel is morally acceptable, we will not disconnect and society perceives us as we perceive ourselves.


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