Energy vs Motivation

What is the link between mental energy and motivation?  Why is it important to understand this link in regards to the model of mental energy?

Mental energy is the psychological force that causes a person to act in a certain manner.  Motivation is the drive that a person has which causes them to act in a certain manner.  Motivation is the cause of mental energy.  If a person demonstrates the drive to accomplish a goal, the mental energy necessary to follow through also develops.  The model of mental energy is a three-dimensional idea that includes motivation as the driver of mental energy, cognition as the information processor, and mood as the lack or increase of drive.  The model is based on four different theories.  In regards to the model, motivation is vital in all theories.  Content theories define the actual sources of human motivation.  Processed based theories define what forces may induce human motivation.  Decision-making theories define the ways in which humans adopt their intentions.  Sustained-effort theories define the amount of effort exerted to meet their intentions.  Understanding motivation in these four aspects gives an understanding of the amount of energy a person maintains when trying to obtain a goal as well as, coming up with ways to maintain that level of energy throughout the task.


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